Wilhelm Arms & Optics

The phone number is:    03 338 7880 between 10.00am - 6.30pm Tue - Fri only please.

or Contact us by email at any time.

The motto:
Putting good equipment into the hands of good people
at good prices

The background:
Richard started his business part time in the mid 1960's doing binocular repairs for shops he was calling on around the country as a sales representative in photographic equipment. In 1970 he made the big decision to work full time for himself and added riflescope repairs to meet an unexpected demand from sports shops. Back then, New Zealand had no goods and services tax and the government took 20% duty AND 50% sales tax on binoculars and not quite as much on riflescopes, firearms and other shooting related product. Slowly, he began selling these kinds of items spurred on by customer demand. When G.S.T. was announced, suddenly there was no longer the huge financial gap between repair cost and replacement cost so, sadly, Richard closed his wholesale repair service and turned his attention purely to sales with a limited number of retail repairs; only those which were deemed still economical for the owner. Over the years, he has applied his personal experience in reloading ammunition, which he began in 1962 both as a hobby and economic necessity, to stocking and selling equipment and components for ammunition reloading. Combined with his lifelong association with firearms, his working knowledge of binoculars and riflescopes from the inside out, he managed to carve out a niche for himself which has continued to this day. He has specialized in selling binoculars, riflescopes, scope mounts, ammunition, plus reloading equipment and components.

Earthquake consequences

The first Canterbury earthquake, on 4th September 2010, wrecked the Wilhelm Arms and Optics shop on Colombo Street.

Wilhelm Arms and Optics is STILL TRADING. Richard has an excellent courier service or you can visit him to collect your purchases. Payment is by cash and Eftpos but not credit card; same as at the old shop in Beckenham. Bank deposit and Internet Banking are becoming popular with mail-order customers and you are invited to join his Newsgroup to receive occasional E-mails with news and sometimes special offers. Subscribe to our newsletter

You can unsubscribe again if you change your mind later. Each Newsletter has an unsubscribe option.

Richard would like to take this opportunity to thank all his loyal customers for their strong support in these challenging times.

Richard Wilhelm is well known amongst firearms owners for the high quality of his advice, the honesty with which he trades and the fairness of his prices.

Whether you need reloading equipment, reloading components, binoculars, riflesights, spotting scopes, ammunition, firearms, firearms accessories or one of hundreds of other shooting related items, ask Richard first. That phone call or email could save you a lot of time and money.

Damaged shopfront after earthquake
Iconic Christchurch gun shop stands condemned after earthquake.

Damaged shop demolihed after earthquake
Things are a little different, 15 Feb 2011. What would it have been like on the 22nd February if it had not been demolished?

Wilhelm Arms and Optics are proud supporters of the North Canterbury Branch of the NZ Deerstalkers Association.