CZ452 Trigger Kit Fitting

CZ452 Trigger Group

Fitting Suggestions for Eric Brooks CZ452 Trigger Kit (Picture courtesy of

Eric Brooks Trigger Kits are currently sold out. E-mail or phone me for further information, or order a similar kit directly from Yodave Products.

Tools needed:
2.5mm – 2.9mm punch.
A piece of end grain soft wood cut from a 4"x2" or similar, to support barrel and action when removing and re-fitting pins. Eric Brooks used to sell moulds of the action which worked really well but he "disappeared" for a few years so I have been advising that you either make your own or use the end grain soft wood to aid in the disassembly and reassembly processes.

From Eric Brooks himself I quote:
“My procedure is to start with the red tube and work down as needed. My guess is that 95% or more use the red or black tube. The other tubes are there for the occasional gun that is cut differently”.

Referring to the picture there are four pins showing. Three in line at the top and one lower down supporting the trigger spring. The sear pin (top left) and the spring rod pin (lower right) are NOT removed.

Support the action over the end grain piece of wood and remove the forward trigger pin first. This is the middle pin on the top row of the photograph. Next, remove the rear trigger pin (right side of top row in photo). The trigger assembly can now be removed. Slide the factory spring off the supporting rod.

Select the tube of choice and insert it between the sear and the receiver. Pull the sear down to make room for it. The forward trigger pin will be passed through this tube when you re-assemble.

Select the spring of choice from the kit, bearing in mind that the second to strongest spring appears to be the most popular one in the kit for field use and the lighter ones for exclusively range shooting. Slide this onto the supporting rod and you are ready to re-assemble. It is helpful to use the punch or drill bits of an appropriate size first to check that it will all function. This allows checking of trigger pull weight and creep before driving the pins back into place. It is advisable at this point to also check the safety of the firearm by bump testing on an empty chamber and then also test for slam firing by quickly working the bolt to check that the firing pin stays cocked and does not fall on bolt closing.

When you are satisfied that the job is safe and that you have the spring and tube most suitable for your rifle installed, then put the bolt into the rifle to aid pin alignment and, very carefully, drive the pins back into place, making certain that the trigger is aligned exactly or you will do damage to it.

Repeat the safety checks and your job is completed. Your trigger feel will be vastly improved, I feel sure.

Richard Wilhelm