Tips and Tricks from Richard

conetrolbox2 How to fit Conetrol scope rings

sawrox5 Riflescopes explained First or second focal plane?.

scope ring mod Scope ring modifications Fitting instructions.

cz452 trigger kit CZ 452 trigger kit Fitting instructions.

Binocular Choosing binoculars. Helpful advice to consider when buying a binocular.

lens care instructions Lens cleaning instructions. How to look after your optics.

BPI steel shot Steel shot loading. Article describing loading steel shotshells.

How to focus a riflescope. Article describing how to set the eyepiece focus on a riflescope.
The left picture shows the lock ring type eyepiece.
The right picture shows the quick focus style, commonly referred to as European style focus.

To run-in or not to run-in. That is the question; (with apologies to W.S.)

Article about running in a new barrel.

How should I run in my new barrel and is it really necessary?

This article is intended to apply some logic to the matter of the running-in procedure, often talked about by resellers of new rifles, as a one-size-fits-all approach to "conditioning" every new barrel.